Santiago Metals Limitada (SML) is a Chilean mining company that creates and adds value to its shareholders and the community, through the acquisition and development of mining businesses in Chile.

The company carries out all its activities with a highly qualified and motivated multidisciplinary team, with a proven track-record of successes. The company’s activities are carried out with special care for the lives of our people and the community. We develop sustainable projects within the regulatory framework established and under current law in the mining industry.

SML aims to be a successful and recognized company in the industry for the identification, acquisition and addition of value for the development of sustainable and profitable mining businesses.

Santiago Metals was created in 2013 when Denham Capital, a US private equity fund manager that invests in energy, oil, gas and mining, identified Chile as an attractive country to materialize copper mining businesses and sponsored the establishment of SML as a platform of investment in mining.

The fund establishes long-term partnerships with groups that share a similar vision of added value creation and growth, identifying local teams with proven track records in acquiring assets and/or companies that are at an advanced stage of development or production.