Since its inception, SML has developed a sustainability strategy based on three pillars that promote the economic, social and environmental development of its projects.


SML has adhered to a series of recognized international standards in the industry for the dissemination of the information it generates. The purpose is to guarantee to the investors that the mining properties, projects or operations have been evaluated in a scientific and professional manner.


The company believes that the development of mining projects and operations is strongly linked to the social growth of communities.

Pleading prayer of the Colla Indigenous Community of Diego de Almagro CICDA for the prosperity and good development of the Delirio Project.

Meeting with some representatives of the community of La Tórtola – Puquios Project.

Meeting with some representatives of the community of Punta Colorada – Puquios Project.


In all of its projects, SML develops baseline studies that consist of the detailed description of the area of ​​influence prior to their execution. Additionally, the company develops and executes its projects minimizing and mitigating potential impacts on the environment.


Atacama tree iguana (Liolaemus atacamensis)

South American gray fox (Lycalopex griseus)

Sandillón (Eriosyre aurata)

Gathered Germoplasm.


Algarrobilla (Balsamocarpon brevifolium)

Pangue (Proustia ilicifolia)

Moustached Turca (Pteroptochos megapodius)

Atacama toad (Rhinella atacamensis)