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All projects are owned by SML or are under purchase option agreements to acquire 100% of the properties.


  • Delirio mine and plant site located 100 km North of Copiapo; currently in production
  • Access via paved road of 5km from Inca de Oro, and then 2km via an unpaved road to the property
  • Delirio pit is 5 km from the plant site


Delirio Project comprises:

  • Delirio: 14  hectares (Ha) incl. 5 production pits (Delirio, Barraza, Manto Cuba, Providencia, Jardinera) , the leach pad and ROM leaching (LX) areas and the electrowinning (EW) facilities and a 3rd Party Ore purchase facility
  • Berta: 1,800 hectares incl. 1 pit currently permitted (30 kms from Delirio EW) & permitted for crush and Leach operations
  • Paula: 60 hectares incl. (50 km from Delirio EW)
  • Rosa: 10 hectares incl. (65 km from Delirio EW)
Mina y planta Delirio



Located 130 km. north east from La Serena, Coquimbo region, Chile.

Favorable location for year-round mining operations

  • Temperate climate: temperature ranging from 0°C to 31°C.
  • Low altitude between 1,400 and 1,600 m above sea level.
  • Limited rainfall: semi-arid zone with an average annual precipitation of 46,9 mm and a maximum of 178,5 mm/year.
  • Good access to infrastructure

Multiple potential import – export ports.
Main public road access in good maintenance condition.

Green Field copper oxides open pit mine, including a processing plan with permanent heap chloride leaching, solvent extraction (SX), and electro-winning (EW) facilities to produce 10,000 tons of fine copper in cathodes per year.

The project is currently on an Engineering Definitive Feasibility Stage.

Satellite image of the project area.

Part of the project’s team in the camp area.

Part of the geology team of the project.