Fundamental rights are those rights and freedoms that every person possesses by the mere fact of being such, and that are recognized and guaranteed by the legal system, specifically in our Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile, the Labor Code and various International Labor Treaties of Fundamental rights.

Santiago Metals has a strong commitment to respect the fundamental rights of its workers and collaborators in all workspaces, and part of its policy is the diffusion, respect, and protection of the rights of all those who perform functions for our company.

In this sense, our company reaffirms that all the activities carried out as an organization are aimed at respecting and protecting the fundamental rights of its workers, such as:

  • The right to life and physical integrity of all our workers, provided that its violation is a direct consequence of acts that occurred in the employment relationship with our company.
  • Respect and protection of the privacy and honor of our workers and their families.
  • The inviolability of all forms of private communication.
  • The right to freedom of conscience, to the manifestation of all beliefs and to the free exercise of all worship.
  • The freedom to express an opinion and to inform, without prior censorship, in any form and by any means.
  • The freedom to work and the right to freedom of choice. In addition, the guarantee that no kind of work can be prohibited, except for the exceptions that the Constitution itself provides.
  • The right not to be subject to the discriminatory acts indicated in article 2 of the Labor Code.
  • Freedom of association and the right to negotiate collectively without undue obstacles.
  • The guarantee of indemnity, which consists of not being subject to retaliation by the employer, due to or as a consequence of the supervisory work of the Labor Office or for the exercise of legal actions or their participation in them as a witness or for having been offered in such quality.
  • Anti-union or unfair practices in collective negotiations.

In this sense, Santiago Metals will adopt all possible preventive measures to avoid any violation of the rights of any person linked to the organization and will adopt all necessary reactive measures in the event of an unwanted event associated with a presumed violation of the rights of its workers.


General Management